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You Misunderstood What EAE Is For

I have come across many students (and even teachers) who have the mindset that the Early Admissions Exercise is an easy way out for students who do poorly academically. The idea being that EAE is not looking for student with good grades.

The worst interpretation I heard of is that if you are a student with good grades, you should not apply for EAE because you are depriving a student with bad grades of a position in the course.

That’s… that’s not how it works at all.

“Polytechnic Early Admissions Exercise (Poly EAE) is an aptitude-based admissions exercise that allows students to apply for and receive conditional offers for admission to polytechnics prior to receiving their O-Level examination results or final Higher Nitec Grade Point Average (GPA).”


Aptitude refers to a natural ability to do something.

They are looking for students who are good at something (relevant to the course). That is not the same as looking for students with bad grades.

Being good at something or having a talent does not mean that you will have bad grades. Likewise, having bad grades does not automatically mean you are talented or good at something.

You have to spend time and put in effort in order to improve and get better at something. Even talented prodigies spend a massive amount of time and effort honing their craft or skill to get better.


I have met too many students who approached EAE with the wrong mindset, and ended up disappointed when they fail to make it through.

They are not performing well academically and they don’t feel the urgency to work harder because they think that EAE is there to save them. Unfortunately, these are often the same students who do not have a Relevant Portfolio to showcase during the EAE interview.

Students who do well for EAE tend to be students who are already hardworking and spending their time effectively. And these are the sort of students that ITEs and Polytechnics are looking for. They want good students who can do well in their courses.

It is not a charity programme specifically aimed at taking in students with bad grades.


Figure out what you are good at.

Spend time exploring your interests to see if you can discover what your passion is. Students who have strong Relevant Portfolio spend their time productively. While their friends are watching dramas, scrolling through social media, and playing games, they are pursuing their hobby and interests.

It is not that they don’t play games or use social media, it is the amount of time they spend on those activities.

Figure out where all your time is being spent on and then ask yourself if you can spend it more productively. Rest and leisure is an important activity, but instead of scrolling through TikTok, is there something else that you can do? If not, then could you perhaps cut down on the amount of time you spend doing it?

It is all about finding the right balance between rest and productivity. Enjoy your life and live in the present, but don’t forget to spend a bit of time for the future as well.

The time to start preparing for your future is now.


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